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Amnesty International USA to Testify at Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission Hearing: Human Rights and U.S. Policy in the MENA Region Ten Years After the Arab Spring

April 27, 2021

In advance of the ten-year anniversary of uprisings in countries throughout the MENA region that became known as the “Arab Spring”, Philippe Nassif, Advocacy Director, Middle East and North Africa, will be speaking to human rights in the Middle East and North Africa ten years after and implications for U.S. foreign policy.

“Ten years on, the human rights situation across much of the Middle East and North Africa paints a bleak picture,” said Philippe Nassif. “Yet despite all, there are clear signs that brave young people have not given up on demanding their rights. In 2019, a new wave of mass protests swept the region when Algerians, Lebanese, and Iraqis took to the streets demanding change. Egyptians, living years under oppression by the government of President Sisi, and Iranians, unafraid of a crackdown, protested in the thousands, despite great risk for their safety. Now it’s up to us to support their brave efforts.”

WHAT: Witnesses will examine the patterns of human rights abuses documented since the uprisings started and offer recommendations for a human rights-based U.S. foreign policy toward the region.


WHERE: Members of the public and the media may view the hearing by live webcast on the Commission website. The hearing will also be available for viewing on House Digital Channel service.

WHEN: Thursday, April 29, 2021 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m

Contact: Mariya Parodi, [email protected]