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Amnesty International USA Statement on One Year of Resistance to Trump’s Anti-Human Rights Agenda

January 19, 2018

AIUSA Executive Director Margaret and AI Secretary General Salil Shetty delivered a letter to the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, outlining numerous personal stories of people who are affected by the Muslim ban, asking DHS to release full information about how the ban has been implemented, and demanding that DHS help roll back the ban. As a part of the protests outside, we projected “No Ban, No Wall” on the building along with photos of refugees in Lebanon and Kenya provided by Magnum Photography.
In anticipation of the anniversary of the inauguration of President Trump, Margaret Huang, executive director of Amnesty International USA, issued the following statement:

“While the policies of the Trump administration presented daunting challenges over the past year, we also saw the rise of a fierce and determined movement of people across the country and around the world standing up to defend human rights. Starting with the throngs of people braving the January cold to fill the streets on the very first day of his presidency and continuing throughout the year, we have taken heart in the galvanizing spirit of resistance that has swept the world.

“We have marched alongside both seasoned activists standing up for women’s rights and we have welcomed those who have never actively protested before in denouncing Trump’s discriminatory Muslim ban.

“We have placed welcome mats for refugees at the foot of Trump Tower, and filled London’s Grosvenor Square with 100 somber Statues of Liberty standing in silent protest at the U.S. embassy.

“From Sydney to Madrid, human rights defenders have made it known that the politics of hate and fear have no place in the world we wish to build for ourselves and our children. As dismayed as we are to see that President Trump has no intentions of abandoning his hateful rhetoric and dangerous policies, we are just as energized to meet his challenges head on.

“Whatever the next year brings, we take heart in knowing that there is a strong global community of activists from all corners of the world who will rise up wherever human rights are threatened.”