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Amnesty International USA Statement on Midterm Abortion Ballot Measures

November 10, 2022

All five states with abortion-related measures on the ballot during the midterm election voted in favor of abortion rights. Voters in California, Michigan, and Vermont voted to pass further protections for abortion, and voters in Montana and Kentucky rejected further restrictions on abortion rights. In reaction to this news, Tarah Demant, Interim National Director of Programs, Government Relations and Advocacy said:

“Abortion is a human right and basic healthcare—and protecting abortion access is popular with voters across the country. The states that included abortion rights on their ballots were politically diverse states—yet all of them voted in favor of abortion rights, expanding rights in some states, rejecting further restrictions in other states.

Despite these victories, the reality is that about 1 in 3 women of reproductive age have already lost access to abortion, and politicians at the state and federal level continue relentless assaults on abortion and other reproductive healthcare and rights.

No one should ever be forced to carry a pregnancy against their will. Pregnant people alone—not politicians—have the right to control their bodies.”

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