• Press Release

Amnesty International USA Statement in Response to Senator Rick Scott’s Anti-Amnesty Bill

April 7, 2022

Amnesty is no stranger to being targeted for its work. Our calls to action to ensure human rights for all have forced us to close our offices in India and Hong Kong. The Russian government recently blocked access to the internet at our Moscow office.  Our director and Board chair in Turkey were arrested and detained for months on absurd charges. And each day our colleagues and activists face harassment.  

This week marked another remarkable chapter in Amnesty’s history when Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) introduced a bill designed to deny federal financial support for our organization. If Senator Scott had spoken with some of our 10 million supporters in the US and around the world, he would know that we will not be intimidated by authoritarian tactics. Our findings are based on evidence and solid research, and the US government has relied on and lifted up our research for decades.  

These actions represent an attempt to distract from and discredit Amnesty’s research upon which we base our calls to action. Amnesty International USA condemns all forms of hate in the strongest possible terms, including antisemitism, which attacks the rights and well-being of Jewish people around the world and the very notion of universal human rights. The right to be free from discrimination is a fundamental principle of human rights law, and all governments are obliged to combat discrimination in all its forms. Antisemitism is antithetical to everything Amnesty represents as a human rights organization. 

We stand in solidarity with all who are targeted for their identity, and we reiterate our commitment to building a world in which every person can enjoy the full range of their human rights, free from hatred and discrimination. We hope that Senator Scott and his colleagues are with us in this mission, and we welcome the opportunity to engage in thoughtful and meaningful ways.  

Contact: Vanessa Parra, [email protected]