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Amnesty International USA Response to Sudan Atrocity Determination 

December 7, 2023

(AFP via Getty Images)
In response to Secretary of State Blinken announcing the atrocity determination for Sudan, Kate Hixon, Africa Advocacy Director at Amnesty International USA, made the following statement: 

“I appreciate the U.S. Government’s efforts to proactively engage with actors in Sudan and sound the alarm on atrocities being committed by all parties to the conflict and to demand accountability for those violations and abuses. 

“Releasing the atrocity determination is only the first step towards justice and accountability for the Sudanese people. This determination must be followed by concrete policy action including further support for Sudanese human rights defenders documenting violations, supporting the Human Rights Council’s Fact Finding Mission for Sudan, enforcing the existing UN Security Council arms embargo on Darfur, and expanding the arms embargo to cover the entirety of Sudan.” 

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