• Press Release

Amnesty International USA Responds to Mass Shooting at an Indianapolis FedEx Warehouse

April 16, 2021

Amnesty International USA released the following statement from End Gun Violence Manager Ernest Coverson after reports emerged of a mass shooting at an Indianapolis FedEx warehouse, which is reported to have resulted in the death of at least eight people. 

“We are devastated to learn that yet another crippling mass shooting took place. Waking up to news stories of such incredible acts of violence should not be part of our everyday lives and routines. 

“These past few weeks have been mentally exhausting, with shootings that have risen to the national spotlight, and many that haven’t. To wake up to this tragedy while closing the night with video circulating of a police-involved shooting of a 13-year-old here in Chicago. Our elected leaders cannot continue burying their heads in the sand. 

“Gun violence remains one of the most pervasive human rights violations facing our country today. The threat of it lingers over our heads, jeopardizing our rights to live and to be free from violence. 

“The need for gun safety could not be any clearer. Most Americans agree we must pass common sense gun reform, yet for nearly 27 years Congress has failed to take action. It is time for our lawmakers to listen to the survivors and victims’ families. The United States is past due for meaningful legislation that will prioritize human lives over guns. We can and must protect our communities from these devastating tragedies.”