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Amnesty International USA Responds to Chicago Police Videos of Use of Force

June 3, 2016

Following the release of videos and other materials related to 101 instances of Chicago police officers shooting or injuring civilians, Amnesty International USA praised this measure of transparency and called for widespread reform of laws governing the use of force by police.

“Increased transparency regarding the use of force by police officers is an important step toward accountability, but laws must be brought into line with international human rights standards in order for meaningful reform to take place,” said Jamira Burley, senior campaigner with Amnesty International USA. “These videos shine a critical light on the use of force by police, but this is just the start.” 

Last year, Amnesty International issued a report that found that all 50 states failed to meet international standards regarding the use of lethal force by police. The report called for reforms at the state and federal level to bring police practices into compliance with international standards, and to officially collect and publish national statistics on the use of force by police on an annual basis.