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Amnesty International USA Outraged Afghan Adjustment Act Not Included in New Spending Bill

December 20, 2022

Upon the release of the FY23 omnibus spending package that fails to include the bipartisan Afghan Adjustment Act, Amnesty International USA is outraged that Congress has once again failed to provide lasting safety to Afghans and encourages Senate Majority Leader Schumer to bring the bill as a floor amendment this week.

“Safety should have no expiration date, but the Senate’s failure to include the Afghan Adjustment Act in the final bill of the year means that tens of thousands of Afghans in the United States will start a new year with the fear that they will be forced to return to danger,” said Amy Fischer, Americas Advocacy Director with Amnesty International USA. “Senator McConnell and Senator Grassley have once again failed to uphold the United States’ commitment to Afghans seeking safety by blocking the bill’s inclusion in the omnibus text. Now it is up to Senate Majority Leader Schumer to prioritize the Afghan Adjustment Act’s passage prior to the end of the year, by including it as a floor amendment in the omnibus. The Afghan Adjustment Act has garnered nationwide support by grassroot organizations, resettlement agencies, community members across the U.S., multiple generations of veterans, faith communities, frontline civilians, and leading human rights organizations.”

The Afghan Adjustment Act was introduced earlier this year with bipartisan support in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The bill would provide an urgently needed roadmap to citizenship to the tens of thousands of Afghans who were brought to the United States after the U.S. withdrawal of Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover. The AAA would also expand humanitarian pathways to Afghans left behind in Afghanistan and facing an ever-worsening humanitarian and human rights crisis.

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