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Amnesty International USA Calls Upon Department of Defense to Investigate Civilian Casualties

The Department of Defense should investigate thoroughly all claims of civilian casualties caused by its Raqqa offensive as well as all US military operations going forward Amnesty International urged in a letter to Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis following the US-led Coalition’s acknowledgement of 77 civilian casualties as a result of military operations in Raqqa.

Following Amnesty International’s report ‘War of annihilation’: Devastating Toll on Civilians, Raqqa – Syria, in June, Amnesty’s researchers have cause to believe many civilian causalities remain unacknowledged based on conversations conducted with survivors and witnesses in Raqqa.

“Victims and survivors in Raqqa are living with the unimaginable pain of having lost their loved ones with no explanation for the cause of their deaths and no accountability” said Daphne Eviatar, Director of Security With Human Rights at Amnesty International USA.

“Raqqa has been left in ruins. Civilians were killed in their own homes or fleeing the very destruction that befell the city. Scores remain displaced today, living among rubble with the constant threat of mines and other unexploded ordinance.

“The Department of Defense should now work with the Coalition to conduct independent and impartial investigations and provide reparations to victims and families of victims”.

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