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Amnesty International USA and Amnesty International France Call on Macron and Biden to Urgently Stop Sending Weapons to Israel

June 6, 2024

President Biden marking D-Day alongside President Macron in France.
(Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty)

As President Biden marks D-Day alongside President Macron in France, Paul O’Brien, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA and Jean-Claude Samouiller, President of Amnesty International France made the following statements:

“President Biden’s support of the government of Israel as it continues its unlawful siege, government engineered famine, and attacks on Palestinian civilians flies in the face of the international norms the international community has been working towards since the end of WWII. With each day that passes, more Palestinians are killed, the families of hostages suffer, and the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza worsens,” stated Paul O’Brien.

“Global norms and guidelines must be applied for everyone. President Biden and President Macron have both come out in support of a ceasefire in Gaza. Now, they must both work to make an immediate and permanent ceasefire happen. This requires immediately suspending the direct and indirect transfer of all weapons and other military equipment to the government of Israel,” said Jean-Claude Samouiller, President of Amnesty International France.

“In the years since that bloody D-Day turned the tide of the devastating Second World War, the United States of America, France and other nations came together to codify rules for armed conflict, to keep civilians safe, build institutions for diplomatic efforts and set global norms to ensure the many atrocities of that war didn’t happen again. But 80 years later, at a time when a number of devastating conflicts are raging without due regard for international law, we have to ask what role the United States and France are playing to actively build on those norms, or enable their devastating dismantlement,” concluded Paul O’Brien.

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