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Amnesty International Response to Ruling by Arizona Supreme Court for Near-Total Abortion Ban

April 9, 2024

(Amnesty International)

In response to the ruling by Arizona Supreme Court supporting a near-total ban on abortions, Karla Gonzales Garcia, Gender, Sexuality and Identity Director with Amnesty International USA said:

“Today’s decision from the Arizona Supreme Court is a reminder to all of us to get out there and fight for the human right to abortion. The decision to carry a pregnancy to term is personal, and it is not the role of government to interfere with that decision. 

“While this ruling is a setback, it will not slow us down. Communities across Arizona continue to show up and act in support of the human right to abortion by gathering signatures for a ballot initiative that will amend the Arizona constitution to establish the right to abortion.  That ballot initiative will be voted on by Arizonans in November.

“Every person has the right to make personal decisions about their bodies. Systemically marginalized communities already face greater obstacles in accessing healthcare services, including abortion, but our communities are strong and organized. My message for those who care about reproductive rights: get involved, collect signatures in support of the ballot initiative, spread the word that we have an opportunity to make history in Arizona, and –- most importantly –- get to the voting booth in November and vote in favor of constitutionally protecting this human right.”

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Access to abortion is a human right. Laws and policies that affect the lives of people who can become pregnant must ensure access to abortion and full bodily autonomy. Laws restricting access to safe abortion violate the human rights of women and people who can get pregnant. Those who are already marginalized are disproportionately affected by such laws. They include people on low income; refugees and migrants; adolescents; lesbian and bisexual women and girls; transgender and gender non-conforming individuals; minority or Indigenous women. Read more

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