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Amnesty International Calls for Withdrawal of Haspel’s Nomination for CIA Director and Investigation of Her Alleged Role in Torture

Responding to reports that Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) deputy director Gina Haspel may have been involved in torture and enforced disappearances at a CIA “black site”, Amnesty International is calling on President Trump to withdraw her nomination for CIA Director pending full investigation of the allegations.

Margaret Huang, executive director at Amnesty International USA, issued this statement:

“Gina Haspel should be investigated, not nominated. President Trump must withdraw her nomination and the Department of Justice must investigate her role in the secret detention program, including in relation to one of the CIA ‘black sites’ and the destruction of evidence of crimes under international law committed there.

“We cannot allow a backslide into serious human rights violations like torture or rendition. Without full declassification of information about her alleged role and pending the results of a proper investigation, Amnesty is calling on the Senate to vote against Haspel’s appointment as CIA director.

“President Trump’s dangerous rhetoric on torture is profoundly troubling. In this role, Haspel could be tasked with making this rhetoric a reality. There is too much at stake to entrust this role to someone whose alleged role in crimes under international law is being shrouded in secrecy.”

On March 19, Amnesty issued a document on the organization’s stance on the nomination of Gina Haspel.


Amnesty International takes no position on the appointment of particular individuals to government positions, unless they are reasonably suspected of crimes under international law. The organization has previously called for crimes under international law committed in the CIA secret detention program to be fully investigated. Anyone involved in such crimes should be brought to justice in full and fair trials, without recourse to the death penalty.