Julie Michel

Senior Director

Julie Michel
Shown here after a refugee rights event in Boston

As the Senior Director of Innovation and Collaboration at AIUSA, Julie manages AIUSA’s formal approach to innovation that includes supporting large scale pilots, culture change and testing, and data driven decision making. She builds partnerships across AIUSA that streamline processes and considers herself a data evangelist who is always looking to partner on ways we can better incorporate data practices. As a prior Organizer, Julie believes in the power of our membership and is interested in establishing more avenues for deeper collaboration.

Julie is a founding Board member of the Innovation for Impact Network, an organization bringing together innovation leads across global NGOs.

Outside of work, Julie is busy parenting two young children and splitting time between Boston and New Hampshire where she skis, hikes, and gets outdoors. At some point in life, Julie wants to open a boutique caterer/bakery where she can pursue her true love of creating delicious food.