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Use this form to submit action/petition requests.

Actions are typically created within 3-5 business days after being submitted. Please be sure that your action has been vetted and approved by the appropriate staff and volunteer leaders before being submitted. You will receive an email notification when your action has been posted.

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    Actions have editable messages that are sent directly to the target as soon as the activist submits the form. Most online advocacy campaigns use actions. Petitions do not have editable messages. This option is best when a list of petition signers will be delivered directly to the target(s). You can request a list of signers when the campaign associated with this action has finished. It is your responsibility to ensure that there is a clear petition-delivery plan in place if you select this option.
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  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, ai, psd, pdf.
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  • Submit a url of an already existing page where supporters can find more general information about this topic.
  • This is the subject of the email that the target will receive. If you're submitting a petition, this field is not necessary.
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    If you're targeting a U.S. Representative/Senator, the target will be dependent on the address a user inputs when completing the action, and the target's email address is not needed. Be sure to test email addresses of custom targets before you submit their information. If you would like to include additional targets to be CCed, add their information in the special instructions box at the bottom of this form.
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  • This email will be sent to all action-takers after they submit the online form. It is a great place to provide more context about your action and ask activists to take 1 more step to deepen their involvement. This could include sharing a graphic on social media, reading a comprehensive post on the blog, watching an Amnesty video, or taking a related action.
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