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On January 31, 2020, President Trump took executive action to expand the Muslim ban to include six additional countries: Nigeria, Eritrea, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan and Tanzania.

This ban…

  • traps people in conflict-affected countries and prevents them from seeking safety in the U.S. or being reunited with their family
  • demonizes millions of people and creates anxiety and instability for people who want to visit a relative, work, study, return to the country they call home, or just travel without fear
  • goes against this country’s cherished values of equality, dignity, and opportunity for all. It has no place in a country that claims to value human rights
  • will hurt people in the U.S. and around the world – not because of anything they’ve done, but because of where they come from or what religion they practice

This new order is nothing new: it’s the same hate and fear in a different package. From the original Muslim ban to his brutal immigration practices, President Trump has been writing discrimination into U.S. policy since his first week in office.

It’s time for Congress to rescind all versions of the Muslim ban, and all other dangerous and discriminatory policies that prevent children, families, and individuals from coming to the United States. Call on your Members of Congress to pass the NO BAN Act to protect freedom and fairness and reject fear and prejudice.

It’s more important than ever to get loud and stand against this discriminatory policy.

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