NWSA: APRIL 4-8, 2022


On campuses nationwide, AIUSA student groups organize and take action for human rights. During National Week of Student Action, groups will come together in creative, public and impactful actions focused on AIUSA’s priority campaign to Free People from ICE Detention.

National Week of Student Action is an opportunity to make an impact on a critical human rights issue. When we take action together, our voices are amplified! You will plan actions with a focus on influencing members of Congress to reduce Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s budget for locking up and jailing people in immigration detention — to essentially Defund Hate. To do this, we’ll amplify the power of our voices by meeting with our Members of Congress, making phone calls, writing postcards, making social media posts, publishing op-eds in student and local papers, and raising visibility of this issue in your schools and community. Your group could plan a week of action with different actions planned each day, or one big public event that week. NWSA is a way to educate your community about the issue in a creative way, and inspire people to join you in taking action.

Ready to join NWSA? Complete the form below and we’ll follow up with resources, materials and one-on-one organizing support. Once you sign up we’ll send you the recording and slides from the March 14 Special Briefing with AIUSA’s Senior Campaigner and AIUSA’s Advocacy Director for the Americas to learn about the actions and brainstorm ideas for your group. We have AIUSA materials for you (banners, stickers, pens); issue-specific information (campaign toolkits, petitions, talking points); and support for your creative actions – fun stuff like sidewalk chalk, yellow duct tape, banner-making supplies, and more.

Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Did you take action during National Week of Student Action? Please share photos and tell us how you joined the action!