National Week of Student Action

April 1-5, 2024 – Abortion is a Human Right!

When we take action together, our voices are amplified!

Amnesty International USA student group
(Riley Masterson)

During National Week of Student Action, AIUSA student groups organize and take action for human rights in creative, impactful actions all focused on the same topic. This year, we come together to protect and defend abortion as a fundamental human right!

Abortion is healthcare. Abortion is normal. Abortion is a human right.


Access to abortion is a human right, but following the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade in 2022, abortion rights are no longer federally protected in the U.S. We must fight for our rights now more than ever!

Did you take action?

Thank you for making National Week of Student Action (NWSA) a success! Tell us how you took action!

Abortion is a human right coloring page
(Liberal Jane Illustration)

Be Visible. Educate. Take Action!

No matter where you are – or what abortion rights look like in your state – National Week of Student Action is an opportunity to make an impact on abortion rights.

Every group will plan activities, tactics, events and actions that help us be visible, educate, and take action. When we do these three things, we will help de-stigmatize abortion, provide accurate information, and advance abortion rights in our states.

Your group could plan a week of action with different actions planned each day, a couple smaller educational events, or one big public action that week. We’ll help you with ideas, and you’ll translate them into what works on your campus!

NWSA is a way to educate your community about abortion rights in a creative way, and inspire people to join you in taking action.

Parkland High School PA Amnesty International USA student group
(Parkland High School, PA)

Become a student activist!

Young people, like you, have always been at the forefront of social change – and student activism is at the heart of our work at Amnesty International.

Learn how YOU can fight for human rights and make an impact!

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