Fight for Abortion Rights: Get Involved

(Amnesty International)

There are many ways to organize for abortion rights in your own community.

Local activism is just as important as statewide or national activism! Here are a few bite-size ideas to get you started:

Write a letter to the editor (LTE) or op-ed in your local paper, college paper, or community zine.

Share your thoughts about abortion legislation, local policies, or your own abortion or reproductive rights story if you feel comfortable. Check out our guide to writing an LTE or op-ed here.

Make abortion visible through chalking, flyering, and more.

Chalking is just what it sounds like: grab some chalk, pick a popular part of town, and share your abortion rights message! If this isn’t feasible, you can do the same thing with flyers. If you’re part of a local abortion rights group, include a QR code or social media handle for passersby to find you on the flyer.

Host an abortion rights talk or panel.

You don’t need to have access to a university or a big auditorium to bring people to your community to speak about abortion. Libraries have community rooms you can book and often host events in, and independent coffee shops and bookstores are often open to hosting local, community-focused events as well. Reach out to local advocates from abortion advocacy groups in your state about participating.

Volunteer as a clinic escort with a local abortion provider.

If there is an abortion provider in your community, you can find them here. Reach out to see if they have a clinic escort program, or Google “[your city] + clinic escort volunteers” to find out if any local groups are working with clinics to help out.

Get involved with a local or state abortion fund.

Abortion funds provide financial and practical (lodging, childcare, transportation, translation services, and more) assistance to people seeking abortion care. Many have volunteer programs you can join. Find your local or state abortion fund here.

Connect with an abortion advocacy organization in your state.

In addition to abortion funds, there are many state-based organizations that work to defend and expand abortion rights. Connect with your state’s organizations to stay in the loop about local events, local and state policy legislation, and more.

woman at Amnesty International abortion protest
(Amnesty International)

More ways to get involved

Amnesty International USA created an abortion rights toolkit with several ways activists like you can get involved in the fight to protect the right to abortions.

Learn more