You can help free human rights defenders in Turkey.

Imagine being arrested for simply attending a human rights workshop. This is what happened in Turkey to Idil Eser—the Director of Amnesty Turkey—and nine other peaceful human rights defenders in July.

Now Idil and the other nine activists are facing up to 15 years in prison on charges of “assisting a terrorist organization.” This investigation is ridiculous. Idil and the others are peaceful human rights defenders, not terrorists.

Use the tools below to add your voice to our global demand for their release!



Idil will be celebrating her birthday behind bars on October 14th, and facing the possibility of 15 more birthdays in prison just because of her work with Amnesty. Using Idil’s day of birth as our Global Day of Action, we will generate an international outcry to demonstrate that the world is watching. From October 14 to 21, Amnesty supporters around the globe will demand that Idil and the other human rights defenders are released.

Join activists worldwide in wishing her a happy birthday!

What Can You Do?

  1. Jam The Embassy
    Call 1-855-782-3994: A recording from Amnesty will tell you what to say.

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  2. Send Support
    Sign the petition to tell Turkey to stop persecuting human rights defenders and unconditionally release them.

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  3. Show You Care
    We need your help to demonstrate global outrage: Tweet and post pictures to Facebook and Instagram using #FreeRightsDefenders and tag us @amnestyusa.

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