Refugees Welcome Resolutions

Does your city or school welcome refugees? Show it with a Refugees Welcome resolution.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the scope of the world's refugee crisis. Here is one concrete step you can take right in your own community.


Refugees Welcome resolutions are official, nonbinding declarations of support for refugees that you can pass in your city or school.

Together we can create a quilt of welcoming communities demonstrating local support for refugees across the US. The government cannot say that the US does not welcome refugees if we can put hundreds of city and school officials on the record declaring their support.


This map shows Refugees Welcome resolutions that have passed or are in progress in cities and schools across the country.

Map Legend: Resolutions Passed Sponsor Event

Interested in learning more, or passing a resolution in your city or school?

  1. Fill out this form to receive resources including a toolkit and draft resolution:

  2. Create a plan of action, with support from our staff
  3. Contact your city or school council
  4. Build grassroots support in your community
  5. Attend the session when your resolution is discussed to show that it has broad support
  6. If it passes, celebrate-and see your city on the map!

  • 1. INFLUENCE OFFICIALS: Passing resolutions around the country shows elected officials that constituents like you support refugee resettlement, which can influence their actions.
  • 2. CHANGE STARTS AT HOME: The process of getting a resolution passed can increase awareness and knowledge within your community, combat xenophobia, and generate local press, which your elected officials follow closely.
  • 3. IT WILL GET WORSE: The US should lead the world in welcoming refugees, but our government is instead choosing to meet unprecedented need with minimal support. Officials must hear voices in support of refugees to be motivated to speak out.
  • 4. NOT IN OUR NAME: Elected officials need to know that they don't speak in our name when they vote to keep refugees out of the country.

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