The Death Penalty in Florida

Darkness visible in the Sunshine state

Florida promotes itself as a destination for tourists and a hub for regional and international trade. It is less well-known as a diehard proponent of a cruel policy discarded by much of the world. This Amnesty International report aims to shine a light on this dark side of The Sunshine State.

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Amnesty International’s new report exposes how Florida’s approach to the death penalty is deepening its outlier status on this human rights issue.
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Florida may have a reputation as the Sunshine State, but few know that it is also home to the second largest death row in the USA.
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Florida has executed almost 100 people since the US Supreme Court approved new death penalty laws in 1976.
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It’s time to end use of the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. Tell the future governor to end the death penalty in the Sunshine State now!
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