Togo Human Rights


The death penalty was abolished. Several detainees died in detention reportedly as a result of torture or other ill-treatment. More than 30 people were arrested on political grounds, including military personnel; some were held incommunicado. The authorities curtailed freedom of expression.

Death Penalty

In June, parliament abolished the death penalty for all crimes. Death sentences were commuted to life imprisonment. Deaths in custody Several people died in detention probably as a result of torture or other ill-treatment.

  • Kossi Koffi died in March on the day he was transferred to Lomé civil prison after eight days in custody. He was reportedly tortured or otherwise illtreated at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA).

Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression was curtailed to stifle criticism of the authorities. In April, after the alleged coup attempt, the High Council for Broadcasting and Communication (Haute autorité de l'audiovisuel et de la communication) called on the media to show restraint on how information is used and suspended all interactive shows on radio and television until further notice.

  • In July, a peaceful demonstration by Journalists for Human Rights was dispersed by security forces.


The government established the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission in February to shed light on human rights violations committed between 1958 and 2005. The Decree creating the Commission did not clarify its powers and no provisions were made to bring to justice perpetrators of abuses.