Maldives Human Rights

Human Rights Concerns

In 2008, Maldives held a free and fair election, ushering in a former AI Prisoner of Conscience, Mohammed Nasheed as president of the country. His term has been rocky since the opposition (of former President Gayoom) controls parliament. The result has been a series of stalemates and lots of indecision about legislation aimed at improving human rights in the country. That being said, human rights conditions in the country has improved and the government has been proactive in taking leadership on pushing human rights abroad. 

But, human rights violations have occurred since President Nasheed took office. An opposition leader was arrested and there has been a risk of flogging for extramarital sex. Maldives is also a state that has the death penalty on its books, although it hasn't executed anyone for decades. 

Maldives should impose a moratorium on the death penalty with a view to abolishing it. Similarly, the government should impose a moratorium on flogging as a punishment and abolish the practice.