Indonesia Human Rights

Background Information

Indonesia's military (TNI) and the United States government have been compromised by serious human rights abuses committed by Indonesian security forces. This troubled relationship came to a crisis point after raging violence by military and militias in September 1999. After the people of East Timor overwhelming voted for independence from Indonesia in a UN-supervised referendum. Indonesia's retreating military and militias terrorized, killed, and drove people from their villages.

Open brutality and systematic devastation of the country's food, water, power and other infrastructure shocked the world and led Congress to cut off direct military/financial support of TNI.
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Exploited for Profit

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This is a film by Amnesty International that highlights some of the abuses suffered by Indonesian migrant domestic workers who go to work in Hong Kong.

Their problems start in Indonesian where they are deceived about the terms and conditions they will work under, including salary. They acquire huge debts from illegally charged recruitment fees which they have to pay back once in Hong Kong via sham loans.

Many are paid as little as half the minimum wage, have their passports confiscated by placement agents and employers, and face physical and verbal abuse in the workplace. The interviews for this video were mainly shot in Java with returnee domestic workers who had worked in Hong Kong.

Spring Solidarity Action for Filep Karma

Filep Karma has recently been transferred back to the Abepura Prison after spending several months, without charges, in a local police jail.

Activists are asked to send messages of support to Filep Karma during the month of April. These messages not only tell him that the world continues to be outraged by his case, but also remind prison officials that we care about Filep's treatment.

He would especially appreciate your words of solidarity on Easter (April 24) – Filep is Christian, such holiday greetings are appropriate and welcomed.

Please send a message of hope to:
Filep Karma
Melalui Cyntia Warwe
Jl. Raya Sentani No. 67 B.
Depan Ojek Padang Bulan
Jayapura – Papua,

Postage is $.98.