Tell Senate: Stop the Muslim Ban

President Trump has signed an order banning people from 7 Muslim-majority countries and shut down the refugee program. We must denounce this hateful order.

We need every senator to act, and quickly. That’s why we are calling on Amnesty activists like you to send a loud and clear message to your senators. No Ban, No Wall – Not in my name.

Below is a suggested script:

Hi, my name is [insert name here] and I live in [insert location]. I urge you to immediately co-sponsor Senate Bill 274, introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein. It nullifies the effect of the executive order banning refugees and people from Muslim-majority countries. Trump’s order is based on fear-mongering, bigotry and xenophobia that I reject. Support efforts to protect the human rights of people in our community and around the world, including the rights to freedom of religion and non-discrimination. Thank you.