Amnesty Innovation Lab Proposal Form

Amnesty International USA plans to grow the organization to reach 2 million supporters taking 6 meaningful actions a year by 2020.

We know that the only way to reach this goal is through innovation and testing out new strategies. Through the new Amnesty Innovation Lab we will collect idea proposals, test out strategies, and shape the organization into one that embraces innovation as we grow to meet our goals.  We are calling on all staff and members of the organization to join us in this effort.

You can find the detailed test guidelines here that will help you craft your idea into a viable option for testing.

So, how does this work?

  1. Read the guidelines for testing here that will help you craft your idea into a viable option for testing
  2. Submit the short (6 question) proposal form below
  3. You’ll be invited to join an Innovation Lab project team meeting to discuss your idea in more detail
  4. When your idea is accepted and approved (and we plan to approve them all) you will be provided a project planning tool with budgeting and timeline help to get you started
  5. You can run your test as soon as you’ve received approval
  6. Test proposers will be required to track all test results and share success & failure in a timely manner based on the timeline they provided


Check out the guidelines for testing here

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    If you haven't read the Guidelines- please take a minute to do so before submitting your idea!
  • Ex: The Amnesty door canvassers visit thousands of homes per month and sign up approximately 10% to become monthly donors. If we can create something compelling for the other 90% that gets left behind (flyer, poster, etc) we can encourage those 90% to become supporters for us via our SMS system or online petition/action.
  • EX: The door canvas leave behinds are projected to bring in an additional 10% of homes they visit- for a total of approximately 3,000 new Amnesty supporters.
  • Ex: 750- If we can bring in 3,000 new supporters via the door canvas leave behinds we should be able to encourage at least 25% of them to carry on to a secondary action.
  • Note: All tests should have a clear start date and end date. All tracking and measurement of success should be reportable by the projected end date.
    Note: Tests of over $5,000 will be considered when they have the potential for a larger impact (meaning more actions!)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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