Action Ambassador Program

Join the AIUSA Action Ambassadors and become an Amnesty International event host for human rights.

We are looking for dynamic young volunteers to help lead Amnesty International into a new era of fighting for human rights. We are looking for volunteers to sign up to host their own events on behalf of Amnesty International USA and guess what? We’ll even reimburse you for it!

The Action Ambassador Sign Up form is temporarily closed as we prepare for a relaunch. Thank You!


This is the first of its kind initiative at AIUSA to engage people in the fight for human rights with that focuses on the power of individuals to harness their own networks to make change. We are looking for leaders willing to commit to a one-time-only commitment to host a house party, bar party, or something in between on behalf of Amnesty International USA. AIUSA will provide all the tips and tricks you need to host a successful event and then you host!

At the event, you’ll be provided with clear actions that your guests can take to promote human rights around the world. Every event will focus not just on bringing people together but also on taking concrete steps to fight human rights abuses around the globe. Event hosts encourage all attendees to take on AIUSA’s Urgent Actions and to sign up to be an ongoing part of the Urgent Action Network. Hosts will be reimbursed up to $100 to help cover the cost of their expenses (come on, we know everyone needs a little help covering expenses and we don’t want money to ever be the reason that people can’t fight for human rights).

Why this new initiative?

Over the past few years at AIUSA there have been two main ways to get involved: first, you could be an online activist and take part in all of our online actions and petitions, second, you could join one of the Amnesty groups in your community or start your own. We’ve learned a few things in the past few years and we believe that although some of our supporters want to join the Amnesty group structure, it’s not for everyone. Maybe you work at night, maybe you are in school, maybe the Amnesty group in your community doesn’t feel like the right ‘fit’ for you…whatever the reason, we believe that there are more ways to be a dedicated human rights activist than just signing your name or joining a group. We hope that this opportunity for individual leadership provides the right avenue for more people to join our amazing worldwide network of human rights activists.

This program relies on your own expertise and networks for its success. You pick the date, you invite the people, AIUSA helps you along the way, and presto- you are officially now a successful Amnesty Action Ambassador. You’ve managed to bring the human rights message to a new crowd of people, you’ve facilitated people to take part in our Urgent Action network potentially leading to a saved life, and you did it all on your own time!

Hosts are under no obligations for further commitment but we welcome hosts to host another event in the future or consider other levels of engagement with Amnesty.

So how does this work? Below is the process for event hosts:

  1. Event hosts sign up online to host an event.
  2. AIUSA staff reaches out to confirm that they are officially registered as an Action Ambassador and provides the Party Planning Pack.
  3. Event host handles all event pre planning and logistics following the steps and tips in our Action Ambassador Party Planning Pack, including:
    1. Recruitment of personal contacts to attend event
    2. Venue selection (bar, house party, alternative space)
    3. Purchase or arrangement of donation of snacks
    4. Event logistics like timing, programming, etc
At Event
  1. Follow the event day tips from the party planning pack including arriving early to set up, making sure directions are clear, sending out final reminders, etc.
  2. Event host leads social portion of the evening following guidelines in Party Pack
  3. Event host asks all participants to sign an urgent action AND to sign up for the UA network
Post Event
  1. Event host provides AIUSA (via online form) with all participant information including attendees and those that signed up for UA within one week of the event
  2. AIUSA staff processes stipend amount only after receiving information from the required debrief form
  3. Event host receives reimbursement for their expenses
  4. And then…event host signs up again to continue the fight for human rights

The Action Ambassador Sign Up form is Temporarily closed as we prepare for a relaunch. Thank You!