2022 Midwest Regional Conference Subsidy Application


To apply, submit this application by September 29th. You will receive a confirmation message after submitting your information and we will notify you via email regarding the outcome of your application.

2022 Regional Conferences
  • Northeast: October 21, Albany, NY
  • Midwest: October 28, Milwaukee, WI
  • South: October 28, Atlanta, GA
  • West: November 4, Tempe, AZ
  • MidAtlantic: November 4, Philadelphia, PA

Subsidies are intended for active AI members and activists who otherwise would be unable to attend the conference due to financial constraints. For the 2022 Midwest Regional Conferences, AIUSA will be offering each person/group chosen for a subsidy either one or two nights of lodging accommodation.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Active AI Membership – defined as a card carrying, dues paying member with a verifiable membership id number.
  • Only one person per officially recognized student group or local group may apply for a subsidy on behalf of the group (up to four people).
  • Local group member (please list your group name or number in order to be verified) (up to four people).
  • If selected for a subsidy, you (and your group members if applicable) must submit your registration confirmation numbers within one week of being selected, otherwise you forfeit your subsidy.

Please note: if you (or a member of your group) are 17 years of age or younger and applying for a subsidy, AIUSA requires that a chaperone or guardian must accompany you (and your group) for the entire duration of the conference. AIUSA does not assume responsibility for unaccompanied minors and we require the presence of a chaperone or guardian on site with minors at all times. All subsides and hotel rooms will be registered under the chaperone and/or guardian’s name. To check into the hotel, guardians and/or chaperones must be present at the time of check-in.

Questions about whether your student group is officially registered? Contact [email protected].

For more information about the conference visit www.amnestyusa.org/regionals.