Celebrate Pride 2015

In June of 1969, a riot ensued in response to police brutality aimed at a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community gathering at the Stonewall Inn (a gay bar) in New York City. These protests against police raids, harassment, and ill-treatment helped galvanize the LGBT community and allies across the U.S., giving birth to the modern LGBT rights moment.

In commemoration of this critical turning point in the struggle for LGBT rights, June was proclaimed to be Pride month in 1980 - sparking years of actions from small grassroots events to major city-wide festivities around the world to celebrate the LGBT community and spotlight the LGBT rights movement.

This summer is the time to keep the tradition alive!
Below you will find links that take you to actions and resources to celebrate Pride by getting involved in two key actions - domestic and international - that can help make a true impact on the lives of LGBT people:

  • defend the rights of LGBT activists in Russia by demanding an end to harassment of LGBT people and activists
  • stem the tide of homophobia before it becomes law in Kazakhstan by demanding the Kazakhstani president reject anti-LGBT “propaganda” laws.

Your voice matters in ensuring LGBT people enjoy their human rights no matter where they live!

Pride events are significant opportunities to work on behalf of human rights for all people, including LGBT people, and we are excited for you to join with Amnesty and be part of the growing movement for recognition of LGBT human rights, locally and worldwide!


Learn More
Download the Pride 2015 Activist Toolkit
The Yogyakarta Principles
Pride Parade Organizing Tips

Take Action
Once you have printed the petitions from our Pride Toolkit and gathered signatures for Russia and Kazakhstan, you can increase your impact and write a letter directly to the authorities:

Russia Urgent Action
Kazakhstan Urgent Action

Read More
LGBT activists fight for their rights in Russia
Kazakhstan must reject homophobic "propaganda" law

Print and Celebrate
Pride Slogans
Gender Pronoun Stickers (and how to use them)
Human Rights Are My Pride Sticker templates
Rally Signs
Gender Unicorn
LGBTQI Glossary


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