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May 25, 2017

Urgent Action: Priest Harassed Over Memorial to Dead War Victims (Sri Lanka: UA 116.17)


Sri Lankan priest, Father Elil Rajendram, is being harassed by the police over his efforts to help families memorialize their loved ones lost during the armed conflict.


Write a letter, send an email, call, fax or tweet:

  • Stop the harassment of Father Elil and other activists and victims involved in efforts to remember those who died during Sri Lanka’s armed conflict;
  • Ensure families and human rights defenders are free to exercise their rights to freedom of expression and association, without fear of reprisal and in accordance to the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders;
  • Reminding them that the Sri Lankan government has an obligation to deliver truth, justice, reparation to victims and to ensure non-recurrence of violations and calling on the government to permit and support memorialization as an integral part of any reparation mechanism.

Contact these two officials by 6 July, 2017:

Prime Minister
Ranil Wickremesinghe
Fax : +94 (112) 575310
Fax : +94 (112) 57414
Email: [email protected]
Salutation: Dear Prime Minister

Ambassador H.E. Mr. Prasad Kariyawasam, Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
3025 Whitehaven Street NW, Washington DC 20008
Fax: 1 202 232 7181
Phone: 202 483 4025 OR 202 483 4026 OR 202 483 4027 OR 202 483 4028
Email: [email protected]
Salutation: Dear Ambassador

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