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USA: Trump’s expected decision to leave the global climate deal could result in a human rights catastrophe of epic proportions

May 31, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 29: People march near the White House during the PeopleÕs Climate Movement in Washington, D.C., April 29, 2017, to protest President Donald TrumpÕs attack on the climate and the Environmental Protection Agency. Demonstrators demanded clean energy economy that works for all in the nation's capital and across the country during similar protest events. (Photo by Astrid Riecken/Getty Images)
In response to reports that President Donald Trump is expected to pull the USA from the Paris Agreement on climate change, Margaret Huang, executive director of Amnesty International USA said:

“Let there be no doubt, President Trump’s expected decision to withdraw the USA from the global climate deal is an assault on a range of human rights putting millions of people’s lives and wellbeing around the world in severe jeopardy. By refusing to join other nations in taking necessary steps to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change, the President is effectively saying: ‘Let them drown, burn and starve’.”

“Climate change is one of the most pervasive threats to human societies that the world has ever experienced. It is also one that can quickly and irreversibly spill out of control. As glaciers melt, lakes and riverbeds dry up, forests burn, crops die out and heatwaves rage, it will have devastating impact on human rights. It has the potential to make social inequality, famine and the refugee crisis even more acute. Hundreds of millions of people would be denied their rights to life, to health, food, water and housing. Those in vulnerable situations in every continent around the world, especially children, will be among the worst hit.”

“We urge President Trump not to set the world on a deadly collision course with disaster, war and insecurity.  All states must move away from fossil fuels or risk provoking a human rights catastrophe of epic and irreversible proportions.”