What's Next for Troy Davis

April 27, 2010

The evidentiary hearing date for Troy Davis that we’ve been waiting for is now scheduled!   Judge Clark Moore in the Savannah-based federal district court for southern Georgia has set it for June 30, 2010.   There is a chance that the date could change if the two legal teams try to negotiate with the judge around possible issues in their schedules.   We will provide an update if the date changes.

Thanks to supporters who have been following this case and have been on alert since the hearing was ordered on August 17, 2009.   This comes after several months of briefs and communications between the judge and the two legal teams in preparation for this very unusual type of hearing.   Amnesty International will continue to watch the case closely.

Unlike with a new trial, where the state would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty and convince 12 jurors; this is a hearing conducted by one judge.   The burden falls on Davis to “clearly establish his innocence”, which is an incredibly high legal standard.

So in a minimum of one day, perhaps a few more, various witnesses will provide their testimony and be cross-examined to give their accounts of what happened on that tragic night in 1989 when police officer Mark Allen MacPhail was fatally shot.   This is an immense opportunity to bring new testimony and evidence in to a court of law on a person who was almost executed three times for a murder he may not have committed.

Please “lend your face for justice” while we await this hearing.   We want to continue to keep the light on Davis’ case.   And please plan on joining us for a Global Day of Solidarity the day before the hearing begins.   We are asking people around the world to organize an activity where they live, be it a vigil, a teach-in, tabling or other activity to show your solidarity and make it clear that the world continues to watch and cry for justice to be served and for Davis be spared from execution.  Visit our site to learn more on how you can support Troy during the Global Day of Solidarity on June 29th.