Urgent Action Needed in Turkey to Stop Police Violence

June 7, 2013

Since May 31, more than 4,000 protesters have been injured as Turkish police continue to use excessive force in an attempt to disperse them. Amnesty International has seen a growing body of evidence of police brutality, including extensive use of teargas and water cannons against nonviolent protesters. Video footage taken at the scene of demonstrations has shown police officers kicking visibly defenseless protesters and even beating them with batons.

During the first days of the crisis, Amnesty International’s office, located in the heart of the Istanbul protest zone, stayed open around the clock, while volunteer doctors treated injured protesters. Amnesty staff and volunteers have risked their personal safety to document abuses and ensure that the world receives accurate information about the events unfolding in Turkey.

While protesters in Turkey have recently opened dialogue with the government, crisis still looms as peaceful protesters continue to face an appalling amount of abuse from police forces throughout the country.

This is an urgent, on-going crisis and we need to ensure that human rights are protected. Here’s how you can help stop the police repression and abuse against activists in Turkey.