The Latest Buzz on our New Immigration Detention Report

March 25, 2009


p style=”TEXT-ALIGN: left”>Here’s what the papers are saying about the report we released today, Jailed Without Justice: Immigration Detention in the USA.

USA Today: “Opposing view: We’re seeing progress” By Dora Schriro, special adviser to Homeland Security Secretary

I have learned that the best way to achieve change is to work closely with partners inside and outside of government, including vital organizations such as Amnesty International, which will issue a report raising concerns about immigration detention later today. I will carefully consider this important report.”

San Francisco Chronicle: “New report blasts U.S. on immigrant detainees

More than 400,000 people a year are detained by immigration officials in the United States – including undocumented immigrants, legal immigrants who run afoul of the law and asylum seekers who come fleeing persecution – but according to a report released today by Amnesty International, conditions are often deplorable and detainees are routinely denied due process.”

Bloomberg News: “Immigrants, Citizens Languish in U.S. Detention, Report Says” By Jeff Bliss

Amnesty International recommends that detention become a last resort and that authorities refrain from harsh restraining methods. The New York-based human rights groups also said Congress should pass legislation that would ensure immigrants have individual hearings to determine the need for detention.”

San Jose Mercury News: “Amnesty International lambastes U.S. for treatment of immigrant detainees”  By Ken McLaughlin

In a scathing report on the treatment of immigration detainees held in detention centers and more than 300 local facilities such as the Santa Clara County Jail, Amnesty International charges the federal government violates human rights by allowing tens of thousands of people to languish in custody every year without receiving hearings to determine whether their detention is warranted.”