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Human Rights on Capitol Hill - December 2022 Newsletter

December 12, 2022 |USA

An older woman with a disability being evacuated in Kharkiv region, Ukraine. October 2022. To accompany Amnesty Internationals report: ‘I used to have a home’: Older people’s experience of war, displacement, and access to housing in Ukraine, that documents how older people in Ukraine have been disproportionately impacted by death and injury during Russia’s invasion. The report details that older people often remain in dangerous housing or are unable to flee conflict-affected areas. Those who do flee often cannot afford to cover rental costs, and shelters cannot provide appropriate care for older people with disabilities, forcing thousands into overstretched state institutions. A total of 226 people were interviewed for this report, including during in-person visits to seven state institutions during a four-week trip to Ukraine in June and July 2022.
On December 6, Amnesty International released a report chronicling the disproportionate risks faced by older civilians in Ukraine in the aftermath of the Russian invasion.