Direct from our researcher near Gaza

January 12, 2009

Reporting directly from southern Israel, Amnesty International researcher Donatella Rovera answered questions submitted about the Gaza crisis.

Our vote for the toughest question answered:

How can AI even ask the question whether or not US military equipment was used in the killing of civilians. Also, your home page announcing all of this certainly seemed to try to equalize Hamas/IDF — how can that be? First paragraph — you never said that the deaths were caused by the Israeli ASSAULT not only the blockade…. Here is how to stop Hamas: END THE OCCUPATION!!

And the toughest question left unanswered:

Just what does Hammas want???   Wouild just one Hammas member trade their weapons for an XBox? I have never played a war game on XBox, don’t care to,  but I will donate one if one  reciprent will lay down their weapons.