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October 3, 2022 • Press Release

Amnesty International USA Calls on Governors and Secretaries of State Across the Country to Ban Guns Near Polling Places

Amnesty International USA sent a letter [link] on [date] to governors and secretaries of state nationwide urging them to ban guns at and near polling places to ensure the safety of voters, poll workers and people in the vicinity.

September 28, 2022 • Report

Facebook’s Systems Promoted Violence Against Rohingya in Myanmar; Meta Owes Reparations – New Report

Facebook owner Meta’s dangerous algorithms and reckless pursuit of profit substantially contributed to the atrocities perpetrated by the Myanmar military against the Rohingya people in 2017, Amnesty International said in a new report published today.

September 23, 2022 • Press Release

Amnesty International USA Statement on House Passage of Break the Cycle of Violence Act

Amnesty International USA’s Campaign Manager for Ending Gun Violence, Ernest Coverson issued the following statement in response to the passage yesterday of H.R. 4118, the Break the Cycle of Violence …

September 22, 2022 • Report

Torture and Other Ill-Treatment of Haitian Asylum Seekers in the US Is Rooted in Anti-Black Racism

U.S. authorities have subjected Haitian asylum seekers to arbitrary detention and discriminatory and humiliating ill-treatment that amounts to race-based torture, said Amnesty International today in the new report, ‘They Did Not Treat Us Like People’: Race and Migration-Related Torture and Other Ill-Treatment of Haitians Seeking Safety in the USA.

September 14, 2022 • Press Release

Amnesty International USA Statement in Response to the Introduction of Federal Abortion Ban Legislation

Responding to the news that Senator Lindsay Graham had introduced a bill in the US Senate that would ban most abortions nationwide after 15 weeks, Tarah Demant, Interim National Director of Programs, Government Relations and Advocacy at Amnesty International USA, said:

September 12, 2022 • Press Release

As Ukraine Retakes Territory from Russia, Securing Evidence of Alleged War Crimes is Crucial

Reacting to new evidence of alleged war crimes committed by Russian forces following military advances by Ukrainian forces retaking control of Russia-occupied territories, Marie Struthers, Amnesty International’s Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, said:

September 9, 2022 • Press Release

AIUSA Statement Ahead of the Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks

Ahead of the 21st anniversary of the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001, Daphne Eviatar, the director of the Security With Human Rights program at Amnesty International USA said:

September 8, 2022 • Press Release

‘Filtration’ of Ukrainian Civilians a ‘Shocking Violation’ of People Forced to Flee War

Responding to the news that the UN has verified that Russian soldiers have subjected Ukrainian civilians to a rights-abusing process known as “filtration,” a practice independently verified by Amnesty International as deeply abusive and humiliating, Marie Struthers, Amnesty’s Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, said:

September 6, 2022 • Press Release

Russia’s Military Activities at Nuclear Plant in Ukraine Risk Safety in Region

Responding to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s findings that Russia is stationing forces in the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), confirming information that Amnesty International received in August, Denis Krivosheev, Deputy Director for Research in Amnesty International’s Eastern Europe and Central Asia office, said:

September 1, 2022 • Press Release

Long-Delayed UN Report Must Spur Accountability for Crimes Against Humanity in Xinjiang

Responding to the long-awaited release of the UN Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights’ report on serious human rights violations in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Amnesty International’s Secretary General Agnès Callamard said:

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