Lack of accountability for detainee abuse

Lack of accountability for detainee abuse

Titan and CACI

Under the Bush administration, the Justice Department (DOJ) required that all cases of detainee abuse by private military and security contractors be handled by one US Attorney's Office. As of today, that office has declined to prosecute and dismissed almost all of the cases referred to it, with little explanation. Although limited information is available, likely among the cases are those of the Titan and CACI employees implicated in the detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib, as described in the Army’s internal investigations, the Taguba and Fay and Jones reports. In August 2009, the DOJ announced that it assigned a special prosecutor, John Durham, to review cases of detainee abuse by CIA employees and contractors. His review of 101 cases of alleged abuse ended in June 2011 with only two cases being reopened for full investigations and no plans for charges to be brought against Titan (L3) and CACI contractors.

The Center for Constitutional Rights, representing 250 victims of abuse, brought a lawsuit against Titan and CACI using the Alien Tort Statute. Unfortunately, the Solicitor General wrote an opinion on behalf of the Obama administration advising the Supreme Court not to review the decision of an appeals court to dismiss the lawsuit, and in June 2011 the Supreme Court refused without comment to reconsider the appellate decision

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