Learn more about human rights and activism

We produce educational material that can help people of all ages learn more about human rights, and we provide videos and other tools to help people be more effective activists.

Human Rights Education: Refugee Rights

Register for Amnesty International’s free online course on refugee rights.

Becoming a Human Rights Friendly School

Bring human rights into your classroom.

Human Rights Education: Searchable Resources

Browse guides, curricula, and tools from our global network.

Human Rights in National Security: An Educator’s Toolkit

Contains four modules, each providing lessons and resources on a key area of U.S. national security policy post-9/11.

Tips for Safety During Peaceful Protests

Learn how to stay safe during peaceful protests with this interactive video and handout.

Tips for Contacting Your Senator

Learn how to call your Senator and make your voice heard in this video.

Additional Training Resources

Through our Member Empowerment Training Program and other volunteer and staff-led trainings, Amnesty International equips activists to have an impact on human rights locally, nationally, and globally. Contact us to talk about a training in your community.