Michael Kleinman

Sr. Director, Tech and Human Rights

Michael Kleinman is the Sr. Director of Tech and Human Rights at Amnesty International USA, leading the organization’s work on issues including content moderation and online harassment, privacy and surveillance, Generative AI and web3, and the intersection of both tech and inequality and tech and reproductive rights. Previously, he was the founder and CEO of Orange Door Research, a research firm which helped donors, NGOs and UN agencies gather data in conflict-affected countries. He also worked as a Director of Investment for Humanity United, overseeing the foundation’s grantmaking in West Africa, as well as working for development and humanitarian NGOs in Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan. His writing on development, human rights and technology has been published in the Washington Post, Fortune, Al Jazeera, Vox, The Guardian, Stanford Social Innovation Review, TechCrunch, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, openDemocracy and McSweeneys. He is a graduate of Yale and Harvard Law School.