February 2017 (AIUSA’s #NoBanNoWall Crisis Response)

February 2, 2018

AIUSA’s # NoBanNoWall Crisis Response; events and actions groups and individuals can take to oppose the Muslim ban; protest tips and tactics for activism; report on regional actions taken by local and especially student groups.


  • Jiva Manske, Managing Director, Organizing and Activism, AIUSA
  • Kalaya’an Mendoza, Field Director, AIUSA
  • Shannon Rosset, Area Coordinator (AC), Arizona
  • Mohini Tangri, Student Activist Coordinator (SAC) Lexington, VA
  • Ambar Martin, National Youth Action Committee (NYAC)
  • Kaili Meier, Student Activist Coordinator (SAC) and Amnesty Group President, Berkeley High School, Berkeley, CA.