Amnesty International is Building a

Bigger, Bolder and More Inclusive Movement

As an international, intercultural, intergenerational and intersectional movement of activists committed to protecting and advancing human rights for all, Amnesty is deeply committed to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (IDEA).

It’s not only vital that we walk the talk, but IDEA is also an imperative for innovation, growth and impact. In other words, we simply cannot fulfil our mission without it. We recognize inclusion is always intentional and an ongoing journey that requires all of us. Our entire community of activists, including our members, staff and board of directors are partners in embracing diversity, fostering an inclusive culture and increasing equity and accessibility for all.

We invite you to join us as we embark on this journey together!


What does this concept entail?


Inclusion: everyone belongs in our movement, feels like they can be their authentic selves, and is heard, seen, valued and fully involved in our community


Diversity: the full range of identity dimensions that make us uniquely and authentically human, including an appreciation for intersectionality, identity spectrums and non-binary identities


Equity: fairness that aims to increase inclusion by reducing inequalities resulting from structural discrimination based on identity dimensions and other contextual factors


Accessibility: dismantling barriers to full participation, including physical and virtual spaces, opportunities, culture, language, information and relationships

What does it mean at Amnesty?

We are examining our culture, including our values, behaviors, language, standards and expectations, and other patterns that shape our staff and members’ experiences, so that we can increase belonging, wellbeing, trust and connectedness

We embrace and celebrate the diversity of our staff and members, take intentional measures to increase diversity in all areas and levels so that our organization reflects our communities, grows inclusively, and be sustainable for the future

We are increasing awareness, collecting data, and building systems, processes, policies and practices to address historical inequities, with the goal of transformation, equity and inclusion for all

We are identifying and reducing barriers to access, opportunity, participation, and information in areas such as talent management, facilities, events, subsidies, communications, education, etc.

Our Goals

In alignment with our commitment to IDEA, AIUSA's Board of Directors and the Executive Team recently created a new senior level position to help lead our IDEA strategy and in 2018, Minjon Tholen joined us as our first National Director of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility. She reports to the Executive Director and works across the organization to partner with staff, volunteers and board members on our organizational and culture change. We've also created an IDEA working group and an IDEA Advisory council, each comprising staff, volunteer leaders and board members, to help us in our collective and ongoing efforts. For questions, suggestions and other thoughts, please contact the IDEA team at [email protected]