Georgia: My Hidden Home

August 17, 2010

Georgia: My Hidden Home

The video Georgia: My hidden home is a short dramatized piece featuring the voice of a fictional girl, Mari.

Mari lives with her parents and sister in an abandoned factory, alongside 20 other families. Stuck in terrible living conditions, Mari shows us around her home and describes what life is like for her and the other families.

Featuring footage of actual locations and going into real people's homes, the narration has been created from a number of actual testimonies of real people living in these conditions in Georgia.

The Georgian authorities must do more than the bare minimum to provide adequate housing, employment and access to health care to those displaced in conflicts in the 1990s and the war with Russia in August 2008, Amnesty International said in a report published today.

In the waiting room: Internally displaced people in Georgia, documents how thousands of people displaced during the conflicts struggle to access basic services.

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