Take Action: Help Free Filep Karma!

Take Action: Help Free Filep Karma!

Filep Karma is serving 15 years in prison for raising a flag. A prominent advocate for the rights of Indonesia's Papuan population, Filep was arrested in 2004 for taking part in a peaceful ceremonial raising of the Morning Star flag, a symbol of Papua.

Take Action

"Flash-Mobilize" with Street Theater to Free Filep: Filep Karma's story is compelling and can be vividly portrayed in street theater with few words. The purpose of street theater is to communicate our story in a medium that will capture the attention of people passing by during a rally or event. Be creative!

Click here for the street theater script at an AIUSA rally.

Click here to be inspired by the Free Filep Karma song, performed by former members of the AIUSA group at James Madison High School in Vienna, VA.

Filep Karma "Shine a Light" Lanterns: Create simple but powerful paper lanterns bearing the image of Filep. You may choose to use the lanterns on key campaigning dates to illuminate a candle lit procession and/or vigil in honor of Filep.

Click here for the "Shine a Light" lantern guide.

Click here for a downloadable lantern image template.

"Making the Invisible Visible" Street Art to Free Filep: Street Art is a creative tool to shine a light on Filep Karma's case. Filep's face would be shown as a part of a unique fence street art piece. An image of Filep's face would be pasted onto the side bars of a fence and the image would only be visible to those approaching the fence.

Click here for videos and images of the "Making the Invisible Visible" street art action.

Coming Soon! "Making the Invisible Visible" street art instructions.