Amnesty International Magazine Fall 2008

September 10, 2008

Amnesty International Magazine Fall 2008

Fall 2008

Lydia Cacho

Battling the Demons of Eden
By Monica Campbell

Mexican investigative journalist Lydia Cacho exposed the web of business and political elites behind a child pornography ring. Since then, the list of her enemies has grown to include some of the most powerful men in Mexico. More »

Rally for Troy Davis

The Chokehold of Time
By Michelle Garcia

The bitter racial history of the Savannah and the vagaries of time have closed in on Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis. Despite two decades of appeals, recanted witness testimony and serious doubts over his guilt, Davis now has just two chances to save his life. More »

Outsourcing Intelligence

Outsourcing Intelligence
By Pratap Chatterjee

To fight the Iraq war, the U.S. military is relying on private military security contractors more than ever before. Pratap Chatterjee, an expert on military contractors and the managing editor of CorpWatch, has partnered with Amnesty International to expose the dangerous lack of accountability in the big business of war. More »

Behind the Pictures

Behind the Pictures
As told to Steve Rhul

Filmmaker Errol Morris has always been fascinated by iconic war photographs. With his new documentary, Standard Operating Procedure, Morris examines the deeper significance of Abu Ghraib. More »


The 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Reflections on our movement's founding document. More »

Mexico Aid

Mexico Aid Package to Include Human Rights
By Illana Weitz

Congress has included human rights conditions in a $465 million aid package to Mexico and Central America, thanks in large part to the strategic advocacy of Amnesty International USA.  More »