Support a Bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty

February 22, 2012

Support a Bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty

Did you know that every year enough bullets are made to kill every person on this planet … twice?

And that eight million new guns are manufactured to fire them? The arms trade is a booming and deadly business. But it’s also an industry which is not globally regulated.

It’s true that there are UN arms embargoes on some countries – for example Libya and Somalia – which ought to be respected. But they’re normally set up after massive human rights abuses fuelled by weapons have already been committed. There’s nothing in place on a global scale to prevent these kinds of abuses happening in the first place.

This means that guns, grenades and all sorts of weapons are regularly being exported to places where they may be used for the worst kind of human rights abuses. We saw last year how weapons were being successfully transported to countries in the Middle East and North Africa just before the violence there intensified, despite those countries being flagged as ones which stood a real risk of committing human rights violations against its own people.

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