Annual Report: Sierra Leone 2010

May 28, 2010

Annual Report: Sierra Leone 2010

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Death penalty

No new death sentences were passed by ordinary courts. Nine men and three women - Sia Beke, Mankaprie Kamara and Nallay Foday - remained on death row. Five of the men had been on death row for six years.

  • In October, the conviction against Marie Sampa Kamara, who had been sentenced to death for murder, was overturned and she was released.

In August, a member of the military convicted after a court martial for a killing was sentenced to death by firing squad. Under martial law, the President must sign the death sentence; this had not happened by the end of the year.

In October, President Koroma called for the death penalty to be imposed for armed robbery. However, no further action was taken.

Amnesty International visit/reports

In September, Amnesty International delegates, including the Secretary General, visited Sierra Leone. They toured the country for 12 days to raise awareness about the high rate of maternal mortality and related issues, and met senior government officials including the Minister of Health, Minister of Gender and Vice-President.

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