UNKAI Jamnesty

Thursday, March 7, 2013

UNKAI Jamnesty

The event is to serve as a late night option for all UNK students to engage one another and experience a rarity for the Kearney area. Musical talents all too often skip over Nebraska and rarely make themselves available to the young and diverse demographic that UNK offers; many students can't travel to see such talents so it is our goal to proved a rare form of entertainment. Also out event will provide development to the UNK community as students surely will start new relationships for common interests that may to be exposed otherwise. Also, out event will greatly add to the development of citizenship among students by providing awareness on domestic and global human rights issues, we will also provide avenues for them to act on their new sense of citizenship. While we aim to spread awareness of our cause, our main objective is to excite the UNK community with rare talents and socially appropriate late night entertainment. We truly believe that this event can be a wonderful event for all students and show them that UNKAI is a leader among UNK's student organizations. There will be absolutely no fundraising or admission fees.

Event time: 8pm

Pandarosa Room
UNK Student Union
Kearney, NE 68845
United States