In the Land of the Free

Thursday, March 28, 2013

In the Land of the Free

"In the Land of the Free", narrated by Samuel Jackson, tells the story of three brave men who, upon incarceration at Angola Prison in Louisiana, saw the chaos among the prisoners with the strong taking advantage of the weak.

Because of their humane efforts to improve the brutal situation, the Louisiana correctional system has vowed that they will never be released and keeps them caged in solitary confinement, the longest in the world, 41 years.

One of the three, Robert King Wilkerson, is more fortunate and was released in 2001. The remaining two, Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace remain imprisoned. Their situation has come to the attention of journalists throughout the world and public officials, like John Conyers. Amnesty International circulated a petition and in 2012 a delegation delivered the petition with 67,000 signatures to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who refused to meet with them.

Angola, now called Louisiana State Penitentiary, is considered one of the ten worst prisons in the world.

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