Conference Volunteers


Volunteer Tasks at AGM

There are numerous wonderful opportunities available for people interested in volunteering at the conference. If you're interested, a brief description of available positions and application instructions are available below. If you have additional questions, please contact

Flow Control: The flow control team will usher people to where they need to be going and secure that everyone is on time for where they need to be. They will also ensure that the hallways and rooms are tidy before and after programs and trainings.

Program Logistics: The program logistics team will be in charge of watching the rooms equipped with A.V. technology. They will also pass out and collect any surveys, worksheets etc passed out during any of the sessions in a given room. The program logistics volunteers will also keep time during programs to make sure that every thing happens in a timely manner.

Registration/Information: The registration/ welcome team will be in charge of aiding with the registration process. The registration team will have the task of actually checking attendees into the conference. The welcome team will help direct the attendees to where they need to be for check in. They will also help first time attendees feel welcome. Volunteers should be loud and outgoing.

Info Table: The "ask the experts table" will need volunteers during the registration process to sit at a table and answer questions pertaining to Chicago as well as the conference in general. We will also need a specific staff/volunteer to have extensive knowledge of the AGM and Amnesty International to be the "Amnesty Expert."

Member Services: Volunteers will be needed to direct attendees to the member services table.

AGM Event Support: During all AGM events, we will need volunteers to help provide logistical support.

Merchandise Volunteers: We will need volunteers to assist staff that will be selling merchandise at the designated table. Volunteers should be willing to move merchandise as well as sell it.

Resolutions Team: We will need volunteers to assist staff during resolutions.

Ideas Fair: During the Ideas Fair, volunteers will be needed to help with flow control and any other logistical support necessary for a smooth operation of the Fair.


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