AGM Awards


Ginetta Sagan Award

Each year, Amnesty International awards the Ginetta Sagan Award to a woman working on behalf of the human rights of women and children in her native country. The award is named after the late Ginetta Sagan, who was imprisoned in her native Italy during World War II for her role in resisting fascism. After the War, Ms. Sagan went on to work for Amnesty International for 34 years. Visit the Ginetta Sagan Award page for more info.

The Ladis Kristof of Memorial Fellowship for Organizing and Activism

Each year, one exceptional Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) student activist will receive the Kristof Fellowship for his or her outstanding efforts on behalf of human rights. The Fellow will be awarded an eight-week residency with an AIUSA Regional Field Organizer with whom she or he will work closely on individual cases, human rights crises, and grassroots organizing and campaigning at the regional and national level. The Fellowship will promote a deeper understanding of human rights work, strengthen the Fellow's organizing and advocacy skills, and further develop prepare her or him to be an effective life-long activist. In the 2012 inaugural year, the Kristof Fellow will be based in AIUSA's Western Regional Office in San Francisco, California.

The Fellow's residency expenses for the eight-week period, including airfare to and from San Francisco, will be covered by a $3,500 stipend. The Fellow will join dynamic, in-progress efforts on all priority bodies of work, building knowledge of domestic and international human rights issues and learning the channels and practices by which Amnesty International delivers much-needed public and governmental scrutiny to end suffering and violation of human rights. The Fellow will also be provided travel to AIUSA's 2012 human rights conference (AGM) in Denver, where her or his efforts and achievements will be formally honored in Ladis Kristof's name.

Sister Laola Hironaka Award

Do you know of a Local Group of Amnesty International that did something amazing this past year?

Maybe it is your own group, or another, well known to you. Has that group made breakthroughs in letter writing, human rights education, recruitment, retention, training or in some other way?

We encourage you to apply to the Sister Laola Hironaka Award, Amnesty International USA's award designed specifically to highlight the work of Local Groups. This award was formerly called the Humies.

The award will be presented at AIUSA's human rights conference in Denver, giving the selected Local Group national recognition. A place will be reserved for that group to present its work to the nation at the "Ideas Fair" at the AGM. It is also planned to share the ideas culled from all the applications with AI groups nationally so that we may all benefit from the innovations in group work generated in the past year.

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